一款来自Chillingo的酷爽赛车游戏《Race illegal》(非法竞速)将在9月7日登陆ios平台。这是一款以街道赛为主的赛车游戏,你可以自定你的赛车,可以不受限制的随意碰撞阻挡你的障碍物或者赛车。此游戏拥有独一无二的游戏地图(20来种),震撼的游戏画面,以及劲爆的游戏效果。


Put the pedal to the metal in this high-octane, adrenaline-pumping, street racer. Speed, drift, dodge, ram and race your way to legendary status in career mode, or just dive in to a quick arcade race. Race illegal puts you in the driving seat, as you take on other racers in a variety of game modes. Win races to win cash, spend it on super powered upgrades for your ride and burn some rubber!

Race illegal: High Speed 3D

• A true arcade racing experience in the palm of your hands.
• A range of supercars and countless optimization combinations.
• Take part in a story-driven career mode or dive into a quick race.
• Five different race modes, each challenging a different driving skill.
• Stunning graphics and destruction visuals as well as authentic engine sound effects that are different for every car.
• Give your racer a personal flare with extravagant paintjobs.
• Smash your old times and beat your friends for endless replay value.










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