Windows Server 2003 PSDK Full Download with Local Install

Use the full download to copy the entire Windows Server 2003 Platform SDK to a secure computer, then selectively install individual SDKs locally or to other computers.

Click the links on the right. The File Download dialog box is displayed.

Click each PSDK-FULL .cab file to save it. Save all .cab files to a temporary directory with at least 342 MB free space (for example, c:\psdktemp).

Click BAT File for Extraction and save the batch file to the same directory.

Go to the temporary directory using a command prompt. For example:

cd c:\psdktemp

Run Psdk-full.bat to extract the full image from the .cab files. Specify an install directory with at least 1.4 GB free space. For example:

c:\psdktemp> psdk-full c:\psdk
This can take several minutes to complete.
Run Setup.exe to install the Platform SDK using the SDK Update interface.

Note: To ensure that you can upgrade later using SDK Update, do not run the Windows Installer files directly. Also, due to embedded security in the installation control, you cannot host SDK Update on a Web server.

Troubleshooting Full Downloads
On Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 with Internet Explorer 5, if you have previously installed any single SDK component from the SDK Update site, then later attempt to install from a local, downloaded version of the Platform SDK, SDK update indicates that you have already installed all current updates. To work around this problem, upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.5, or use the SDK Update site.

Size (bytes):   342,000,000
Last Updated:   February 2003
  BAT File for Extraction
  Extraction Utility File


点击setup.exe 后会打开一个网页,这个SDK安装是通过网页方式安装的,真佩服MS,把安装程序弄成网页安装形式,刚开始我以为是在线安装呢,其实是网页本地安装。附图。

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